Internet Marketing Strategies for 2012?

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In 2012, I’ve decided to change the focus
of this blog — you will definitely still
receive some twitter secrets…

…But due to the fact that the landscaping of
the social media world is forever changing
it makes more sense to offer more global marketing
strategies that you can use on any platform…

Yesterday was Myspace, Facebook took over and is
still running strong, twitter inched into the game
& is still growing strong — but the biggest surprise out
of left field was Pinterest…

I’ve been marketing online for quite
some time now; and have been a copywriter
and business development consultant for a
number of years also…

…Here I will share ideas you can use for
your business — your website and your social

I hope these internet marketing strategies
fit your needs…

Ciao amigo, until next time…

Google plus business pages – FAIL? [RANT]


Google Plus Business Pages Google plus business pages   FAIL? [RANT]

Is Google Plus for business right for your business? Why should you have one? Shouldn't you just stick to Facebook Business pages? After all, when Google released Buzz a while back – a whole lot of people bet on it to work and it just plain and simply did NOT. Are there any glimmers of hope for it? Let's discuss…

Google Plus Business Pages vs Facebook Pages for business


The reason why everyone is betting against Google to have its Plus Social media network fail is because they are Google. A Giant among… well, there are no real competitors in the search space… As far as the most visited web properties of the world, Google has been surpassed by none other than Facebook!

It's true, on March 13th 2010 Facebook surpassed Google as the most visited website in the United States. The worst part about it is, Facebook users are addicted, to their platform ► No other website comes even close to Facebook when it comes to website stickiness. Which means that when someone lands on facebook, they stick around for a while for more than 14 minutes – whereas the average website keeps the attention of its visitors for less than 2 seconds on average!

In the summer of 2011 Google released its own social network to "compete" with Facebook. To date there are 40 Million Google Pus users in comparison to Facebook's 800 Million! It would be very easy to dismiss, Plus as another Google failure, but it isn't… That's an immense growth for an entity that only started in the summer time – Less than 6 months to get to 40 Million users. Now, Google has released its Plus for Business platform-

All the previously mentioned Statistics (really from memory – as I do read upon that stuff daily,) were only stated to bring you up to speed on today's conversation – should you even consider getting a Google + business page? Facebook has business pages and how do they differ from what Google is bringing to the table?


Real Google motives?


As much as Google claims that Google Plus is supposedly an identity based social media platform – the real purpose behind plus is to know how individuals behave inside of social platforms. Remember they don't have access to the inside of Facebook (it's a private membership platform,), so they are missing out on a plethora of statistics that Facebook has been ensconcing and using for their own ad network…

If only Google had that kind of demographic intel, their ad network (Adsense could become even more sophisticated and thus a lot more concise!) Now they do have their own platform, which will gather information on individuals as well as businesses now… This is the real reason for the creation of Google +: Ad network Competition!

If you've been paying attention also, Google has been steadily moving towards a unifying brand model – The popular blogger and Picasa will be no more, they will be integrated inside of Google Plus as Google Pictures and Google Blogs. Have you noticed the infrastructure changes made to have a global site structure in design & such?

Check out the Dashboard of Gmail – they've complicated their most simple interface to look like the rest of the design changes they have made site-wide. You will notice many similarities in the changes made inside of Google Reader and Gmail; the sliders are more smooth and more "web 2.0 ish," but there were no improvements made on usability…

One of my gripes with Google has always been that they diversify too much – they are trying to own the world, and they do give off weird Big-Brother type of vibes. I went on so many tangents that I haven't gotten to the nitty gritty  of things yet… Let's get down to it. Should you use Plus for your Business?


Why You Should Use Google plus for your Business


Sadly enough we are at the mercy of this Big Brother-like conglomerate that is Google. If you want to be found in the search engines it is a very Good idea to plant seeds inside of Google Plus. Like Facebook they're attempting to create that addictive community feeling that makes you never want to leave their platform -which is good for the logged in users of Gmail or Plus or any other Google platform. Why?

Because Now, when "Mario's Pizza place" has a follower and they search through Google search, the top suggested results will be based on popularity as they currently are classified but also – most importantly based on your preferences, your commuity's preference and your geo-location's preferences. So if you have a pizza place with 2,000 followers on Google Plus in Manhattan NYC. When someone who isn't even of that person's circle searches for a pizza place, Google will be able to direct them by saying – people in your area have told us that they like "Ray's Pizza"! 

Does that translate to dollars for you? Or maybe even better, a deeper relationship? See it doesn't matter if Google Plus has 40 Million users which is not even close to half of the Facebook population – what matters to Google is that they have fund an excuse to make their search platform, thus their advertising platform even better…

…So one of the early questions I posed in this long article was. Should you be attached before Google closes this one down like they did BUZZ? not at all, in fact I can almost Guarantee that this platform is here to stay. Proof? The integration of Picasa and blogger! 2 Very Big Pieces of Real Estate  for Google that they would not and absolutely WILL NOT give up under any circumstance! So if you want to get a head start on your competitors, I highly suggest that you get with the program and adopt Google Plus for business pages

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